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A touch of the right colour makes all the difference.

Colour must match and must last. Automotive thread production is a complex process, where the final product must compliment other materials. While the thread might pass colour matching under one type of light, it might not under another. To reduce the effects of metamerism, Coats adopts each OEMs colour testing standards. No matter the light source, the difference between your blue and Coats blue will be nothing.

Deliver the right colour twice as fast with Coats technology.

Coats superior process means superior color.

Coats Colour Express (CCE) is a revolutionary service that will provide you with accurate automotive thread samples quickly. Submit your next colour match sample instantaneously on our web-based CCE platform. Using an in-house spectrophotometer, the colour match sample can be measured and the colour standards, or QTX file, can instantly be uploaded to CCE.

By using Coats Colour Express colour match sample lead times will be cut if half and will deliver a high accuracy of colour matches.

Coats superior process means superior color.

Coats superior process means superior color. Coats superior process means superior color.

Over 800 of our automotive thread colours have been approved by OEMs around the world. These colours are customized to each OEMs standards, formulated to meet the most stringent UV light fastness requirements. From fibre type to dyestuffs to additives, Coats Colour Experts ensure our colour recipes last the lifetime of a car without hurting the threads strength, abrasion resistance and fastness.

These colour recipes are shared amongst our dye houses using digital technology. Able to reference them at anytime, anywhere, Coats Colour Experts can recreate the colour.

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