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The best thread is no small detail.

Coats thread goes above and beyond all others in quality. They are made to both bind airbags securely and join seat covers seamlessly. And, through stringent testing procedures we promise our products will withstand the test of time.

Our stringent testing procedures ensure our threads exceed standards.

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    Will the thread filaments maintain their strength during the manufacturing process?

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    Will the thread survive 125 days in the desert?

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    UV Light fastness

    Will the thread keep its colour fastness, even 12 years later?

We’re putting Coats automotive thread to the test.

Devised with safety in mind

Using a mix of pulling and stretching pressure tests, Coats automotive threads are tested for strength and elongation. They are tested to exceed both automotive manufacturer and supplier standards. This ensures they can create seams that are absolutely safe and secure.

Developed to withstand challenging conditions

From extreme cold to elevated levels of heat, Coats automotive threads are tested to withstand these challenging conditions. During this test our threads are exposed to different temperatures including those at and above 110º Celsius. While testing time varies, Coats automotive threads are designed to meet 3000 hours of prolonged heat exposure. Constructed using special technology, they will experience less than 15% strength loss, making seams more durable and dependable.

Designed to maintain their colour

Wavelength, intensity, humidity, temperature and exposure time are all taken into account when testing Coats automotive thread for UV light fastness. Based on an automotive manufacturer or suppliers’ unique measurements, the thread is exposed to 10,000 kilojoules of light and different atmospheres for an extended period of time to ensure it meets the most stringent standards. By understanding your UV standards and the conditions under which the standard must be achieved, our thread will pass this test maintaining its fastness and finish.

A long-time pioneer in product innovation and a trusted partner.

A long-time pioneer in product innovation and a trusted partner.

From R&D to testing, Coats is a trusted partner in the development of high performance sewing threads for the automotive industry. Our quality thread has been approved for use by leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers around the globe and are fully supported by certificates and PPAPs. Customized to our customers’ needs, Coats automotive threads will add value to your final vehicle in both safety and beauty.

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